The curse of being different.

In today’s world everyone wants to be different or rather I’d use the term ‘Stand out of the crowd.’ Times have changed. People are now attaining excellence in diverse fields. Gone are the days when people acknowledged a handful of jobs to provide them a stable and secure future. In those times there were only a few who took the road less traveled. People whom the society referred to as ‘fools’ although we refer to them as ‘different’. Well, before you already leave, let me make you aware that this is not an enlightenment post or a post spreading awareness about opting for a different career option than the ‘safe’ one. This one is talking about something we’ve already heard of but fail to understand but I’d come to the point a little later. So, coming back to being ‘different’.

At different points of our life we very often come across the diverged roads but they necessarily don’t diverge into two. They might diverge into a many, many more roads. But there is something we hardly talk about. It is about the completely different situation  from the confusion one faces while standing at that diversion. What if I already know where I want to be? In that case I don’t really need to think about the other road even for once. That one was simple. But what if the road I want to take is not there? Just a sunken lane or a pathway by my side. A path scarier, tougher, harder than the less traveled road?  Would I listen to the people who claim, I repeat CLAIM to care about my future? Because let’s face it, except for one’s family and friends, nobody is really bothered by your failure in life. Rather, they’re more bothered by your success in life and that, my dear friend, is a fact. Or… would I just take a deep breath and mumble, ‘Que Sera Sera’ and take that pathway? Well that depends on my courage-o-meter.

Now let us move to ‘other’ different

This one is a completely different side of being different.This is about the people we treat and tag as different. Still don’t get it exactly?

We are human beings. We all cannot look alike. We cannot be alike. Even animals do not look alike to an extent. But we as a society overlook this fact most of the times. All we’ve ever done is mock at people and judge them and I as an individual very frankly admit to being guilty of the same. For some things it is somewhat acceptable but for some it isn’t. Acceptable because we are human beings and we need something to talk about. Yeah, that was very straightforward but true and somewhere down there you too agree, don’t you? But now that this is getting longer and maybe a little boring, let me cut it short . We have no right and even if we did, we still should not judge people for who they are and things that are not in their control. You get what I’m trying to say? People are born different. Some are too short, some are too tall, some are overweight, some are lean and thin, Some are straight while some are not, some have brown hair, some have black hair, some are fair, some are dark… and lot more. So what? Does that make us any less of a human being? Do we really have a right to boycott ‘different’ people? Is there a rule book that states who’s fit for the society and who’s not? We look at gay people differently just because of their sexuality, really? Is this the only thing that defines us? We let down dark-skinned people and why? Just because of their complexion? Is that what defines us? Have we failed as humans? Why are we judging people on these minor details? The only thing that defines us as a person is our soul, our character and this is nothing new, right?

And in the end there is just one thing we need to remember and I picked this line from a movie.

Duniya mein sirf do tarah ke log hote hain: Achhe log, jo achha kaam karte hain aur bure log jo bura kaam karte hain. Aur koi farq nahin hai.” (There are only two types of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds and bad people who do bad deeds. There is no other basis of difference.)


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  1. Being different is being human, seeing someone as different is a perception. It is what the perception is, is it one of beauty of something ugly. Being different is about how we see it.


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