Libre comme L’air

Oh no, no. Don’t leave, this ain’t something you wouldn’t understand.


‘Libre comme l’air’, a french phrase which when translated means ‘Free like the wind.’ Isn’t that something we all crave for? Being free like the wind and for that matter, even like the bird wouldn’t be bad. But then, what are we craving freedom from? What is it that makes us feel confined within these invisible boundaries? What are those invisible chains of restriction? What stops us from pursuing our will, from doing what we actually want to? A lot of things maybe. Society, circumstances, fate and God to name a few.

Oh no, are you mad? How can I even mention it in front of anybody, let alone going in for it. What will people think?‘- that’s how we blame the society for not being able to do what we wanted to do, be it our passion, our career or marriage. Agree or not, but that’s how we blame the society. Society? Seriously? Why do we so often forget that it’s people like us who come together to form a society? Of course let us not fail to acknowledge the fact that there is section of the society whom we, only if we had the authority, would love to throw off the cliff and walk away without a single thought of guilt, happily. This section of the society is like that one uncle/aunt who has absolutely nothing to with your life but is always interested on advising you that what you actually want to do is not the right path for you or maybe how risky it is or maybe how safe the other options are, and mind you they are safe not because there had been a survey of some sort.but because they think so and they’re way more experienced. grins Experienced? On what basis dearest? Just because you’re older? No man, calm down. Growing older does not give experiences. Come out of your dreamworld buddy. Trying things does. And you’ve spent half a decade in the same cubicle. Ab toh the mice out there would have become your best friends no wonder. You know nothing, I’m sorry but not sorry for this enlightenment. Relax! What worse could happen? I’d fail at that thing, that’s it. And failure isn’t the end. Failure, in fact, is beautiful!

Failure gives you lessons, Success is the exam you take-

and a lot more…

signing off-

Vatsala Srivastava


6 thoughts on “Libre comme L’air

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  1. Hats off to you lady. That was one reason why I refilled AIIMS(probably). And I totally agree that if you haven’t tried fully yet, how can you say that it can’t be done.
    Well written! It was actually a mirror to my thoughts. Hope for more n more posts from you!☺👍

    Liked by 1 person

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