A letter from an old forgotten friend

Dear long lost friend,                                                                                                                                                    I hope you’re as good as you were when I was with you. I’m pretty sure you do miss me a lot of times when you are stressed and fighting that cruel world. But I still believe that reminiscing on old memories does bring a broad smile on that innocent face of yours. I, as well, am fine and right now at a long vacation where all I do is rest. Although there are days when it is too lonely out here but I otherwise I’m great. This afternoon I was pondering upon the beautiful days we spent together and that led me to write this letter to you. I remember how you and me together would do the simplest of tasks and still enjoy them.

Remember how during monsoons one day you just decided to make a paper boat because that’s what kids in cartoons did and you for that you asked grandpa to help you because you couldn’t figure how to make it? Also later when you gave up as the boat would eventually drown in that little puddle after going a distance because it could handle anymore water, it was me who made you make it yet again next monsoon.

Remember how you’d be a sport all alone? No wait, you were never alone, you were surrounded by your imaginary friends all the time and me as well. It was so much fun every time even when we did the same things everyday. The curiosity to know everything, the wish to touch the sky and your innocence in everything you did, I miss everything. I loved the way you’d walk in pride every time I told you that you were the special child of god and you were born to be different.

But you’ve forgotten every word of mine but that is fine. I know you’ve been keeping busy nowadays. It’s hard to keep up with that harsh world after all. But you know I would love to come back and live those moments again. I just want to let you that you can call me whenever you want, all you need to do is look inside you, there is where I live. I hope to see you again my best and only friend.

Yours forever,



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