It’s a funny world we live in.


The title is, indeed, the truth. It’s sad, it’s harsh but it is true. This world is funny because we humans have messed up everything and we are still not ready to accept it. I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me. It’s all so messed up.This mess would either require a lot of decades to clean up or a completely new set of humans beings. I guess the latter would be much more convenient. The idea of life and way we live it is so flawed and it’s all because of people who work either without using their brain or they use too much of it.

As soon as we enter this planet, we join the rat race by default. Have you ever stopped and thought, ” Was I born for this?” A lot of us have. But not many dare to choose their own path. We keep following what others do. Okay, imagine this:

A kid is born. He goes to school followed by college/university. He gets a  job. He gets married. He has kids. He earns a lot of money and owns a lot of wealth. And one day he dies.

Boring, isn’t it? This ‘kid’ is the majority of human beings. Where’s life? There’s one question we should learn to ask ourselves. “What is that one thing in life that I’ve done that I feel proud of and that makes me stand out of the crowd?” and the answer is really simple. It isn’t some achievement, it’s just one word. The word is ‘lived’. The day you can tell yourself that you have lived and not just existed is the day you stand out.

Another instance proving that this world is messed is really clear. War, hatred towards another country, hatred on the basis of religion, caste, etc., inequality and what not… We should actually talk about things that are right with this world because that’s not a lot of things. Why do we forget that we are human beings? ‘Humanity’ is a beautiful word that describes us and ironically there’s hardly any left. Alas! It’s hard to imagine a better world in such circumstances. Things are right, almost nowhere.

Make earth a better place!


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