The world needs LOVE

I’ve been too lost in thoughts to write for the last few days or maybe weeks. I’ve been surrounded by this feeling of nothingness for all these days. I’ve looked up for a lot of ways to escape this feeling but in vain. Finally I sit here and write this post while my little pup tries every antic to cheer me up.

All these days I’ve been looking for reasons, reasons that are making me feel like this. This feeling is hard to explain. It tells me that I’d amount to no good in the near future. It tells me that people around me are constantly judging me although deep down I know no one is even thinking about me and I think the problem lies somewhere there. From my early teen I’ve been the kid that likes helping people and that makes me happy. Seeing people around me, especially the ones who matter, happy makes me happy. People tell to not expect anything in return but this ain’t a dreamland and I ain’t God. To expect is human nature. Being young and being detached is next too impossible for me even after being an ‘old soul’. It’s outright frustrating when people you’ve always been there for give you the ‘talk to you later’ excuse whenever you need them and it’s impossible for them to be engaged in something important every time. It happened for the first time, I understood. It happened for the second time, I understood but again and again is almost unbearable. Why are human beings like this? Selfish, self-centered beings? Have we forgotten the purpose of life and humanity? It’s love and compassion for one another. We are too busy in our own problems that we often forget and ignore our near ones and then we talk about changing the world. We need more good souls. We need more love. The world needs love. Together with love, we can make this earth a better place. Next time pause for a moment and listen to the ones who seem lost and disturbed and directionless. They’re worth it.

(I wrote this in first person perspective because it makes it easier for me to write. This isn’t about me, or maybe it is. Who knows?)


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