The urge to quit.


As I sit here to write my brain tells me, ‘STOP!’, ‘You can’t!’, ‘There is nothing to write about.’ and other such stupid things but I still decide to go on. As I write this I have no clue about where would this end, so I put down every thought that crosses my mind today and let us see what the result is.


What do you do when life gives you lemons? Cry over it or make lemonade?  The choice is yours and either of them isn’t a bad choice. Crying makes you loosen up and lemonade is never a bad idea, not even when you throw it at someone’s face. Really. Lemons are our failures and failures can be fatal sometimes contradictory to the quotes we come across. Failures can be fatal when one decides that there is nothing that can fix the situation and all that can happen is going to worse. Failure makes you stop. Failure gives you the urge to quit. A lot of people quit even before hitting the rock bottom and that is not okay. That is injustice, injustice to yourself. You are no less than the people around you and you shouldn’t let people around you make you believe in the fact that you are. You are beautiful, your own kind of beautiful. Who are we to set standard for beauty? I know there comes a time in life when you feel you should give up, when you feel you would be better off dead right now rather breathe. You feel a weight on your chest. But we are human beings and we have a magic within us. It calls itself self-belief. So if you ever have this urge to quit, stop, stop wherever you are and breathe. Slow down and breathe. Calm yourself. Go to a silent place and listen to the wind and how it tells you about how special you are and it touches your cheek. Look around and see the trees and how they wave at you whenever you look at them for a little longer. And when it rains, go out and feel the drops on your face and how it cleanses your soul and frees you of every worry in life. Let nature tell you how you belong with it. It tells you that you are a part of it. It acquaints you with the fact that beside this materialistic world that weighs the value of humans in terms of some mere digits lies a world with peace and beauty and all you need to do is go out find it. Find peace, find beauty, find love. Find YOURSELF.


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