This is what i would tell the younger me.

All of us have at one or the another point of time in life thought about going back in time to undo a few things and re-live some moments. What if someday life gave you a chance to meet the younger self? The ‘you’ who still is hidden behind those curtains and doesn’t know what the real world looks like. The one that believes in fairytales and looks at this world through rose tinted glasses. This letter is to my younger self.

 Dear younger self, 

I am glad that you look forward to standing out of the crowd at such a tender age. Your grades are great but don’t let them get to your head and neither let bad grades make your demotivated as things would get out of hand sometimes. There would be a lot a distractions and that is okay, don’t blame you’re self later for doing what made you feel happy at the moment. You’d experience your first adrenaline rush you’d call love soon. Live in the moment but don’t expect too much. You would face your first rejection but don’t let it shatter you. Rejections make us come in terms with reality. You’re gut feeling is always right, remember that. You lately stood for yourself and that at a young age is a brave thing to do, continue doing this and do not give in to dominance. Remember that you would not always be rewarded for your achievements but cherish the moment because winning is going to get tougher now. I won’t tell you to not be scared but now it’s time to face them. Be scared and do it anyway. Things will not go according to the plan and that is okay. Don’t let other people dull your shine because, remember you’re unique. Never stop talking to nature, you’d always find peace there. You’d come across traitors dressed as friends. Don’t let that stop you believing in friendships. Speak your mind but keep quiet for fools. They are not worth your time. You’d come across a lot of unexpected situations, face them with a brave heart and a smile. Eventually things would fall into place.

Lots of love.

Future you.

That was my advice for the younger me. What would you tell your younger self if given a chance? Comment below.


3 thoughts on “This is what i would tell the younger me.

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  1. Dear Younger Nenkinan,

    I hope you read this well. Remember those dreams to be successful (rich) and the head? You won’t need them anymore now the purpose is to bring God glory and if he wishes to add riches so be it.
    Also remember how you always wanted to solve everyone’s problems, that isn’t your duty it belongs to God.

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