How safe is she?

As soon as she takes her little steps in this big yet small world, she enters a place that could turn out to be a beautiful heaven to her or a burning hell. Depends. Her birth could be celebrated or she could be aborted. Even after being born, the world is no less unsafe for her.

When she’s a toddler, she’s pried upon by a relative who looks at her with lustful eyes, eyes that ignore the innocence of a kid and a brain that does not know what is right, or maybe it does but does not care. He holds her and caresses her and tells her that she gets a chocolate for every time she keeps her mouth shut to her parents about his ‘dirty deeds’. Maybe she does fall into the trap. Maybe she doesn’t.

She grows up a little. She’s a school going kid now. She has a just-turned-18 neighbor who asks her to play a game with her and his own cousins and siblings. She in her innocence says a yes thinking she would learn a new game. Hardly does she know what lies ahead. he calls the game the doctor game. She realizes she knows the game. But she’s told by him that the game is a little different. In this game their whole body would be examined. Everyone agrees. He touches them inappropriately and they let him because they’re hardly about a game being ‘inappropriate’. Moreover nobody else resists, so why should she? Because if she does, she would be acting rude. And saying a no is something bad right? That’s what a kid is taught.

She still feels that there is something not right but she cannot expresses it at home because she has no clue how would her parents react. The feeling develops into anxiety that starts showing up at school and once-a-bright kid now turns a dumb kid with low self esteem and confidence. Still nobody realizes that there must be  something wrong. She somehow fights her fears and comes out stronger all alone.

She grows up to be a teenager and she is looked at by almost every alternate person she passes by. When she complains about it to people older than her, she is told that maybe she was dressed too boldly. She is told that it is her mistake. What mistake, is something they always fail to justify.

She grows up into an adult and now she knows that she is nowhere at fault yet she fails to prove it to all people who blame her. She falls in love and hangs out with her beloved. With her belief in humanity that has yet not faded with time she boards an empty bus at night that offers them help. She’s raped and almost murdered. An incident that would shatter her spirit as well as her faith in humanity. Maybe she survives. Maybe she leaves for a place more safe and peaceful.

She grows up and gets married. She has a husband who forces himself upon her every night not caring about consent because he is her husband and she, her property. When she resists, she’s beaten up, screamed at, thrown swears at and maybe killed. You could see cigarette burns on her body. If she survives and tries to go to court, she’s stopped by her own family members in the name of the image and reputation of the family and if she goes against all odds and goes to court, she’s denied justice because hey, Marital Rape ain’t a crime.

And this cycle of suffering goes on till her last breath.

Some of us are lucky enough to not fall in such circumstances but we need not forget that the risk is pretty high and unpredictable as well.

Make this world a better place.



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